Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Top Ten Lists - Highs and Lows

2009 Top Ten Lists - Highs and Lows

On the final day of the year I am taking a look back on my top and bottom ten moments from my 2009 season.

Bottom Ten

10. Bike the Bruce: Not being able to break away from the pack no matter what effort I put in
9. Guelph Olympic Triathlon: Leaky goggles that I could not figure out and no mental fortitude to go on without them, instead I floated around until I fixed them.
8. Orillia Triathlon: Cutting my feet in the water before the race even started
7. Peterborough 70.3: Dropping from 1st to 6th place on the run after emptying my tank on the bike course
6. Muskoka Long Course Triathlon: Panic in the water right at the start, had to stop and calm down before continuing.
5. Peterborough 70.3: Pounding away on my pedals right past a policemen and a turn on the ride back towards transition.
4. Orillia Triathlon: Missing a ZAG with less than 2km’s left in the bike and riding off course down a hill before turning around and figuring out my mistake
3. 70.3 Triathlon Worlds: Watching guys run past me at the start of the run (just after transition) that I had sailed past on the bike with 40km left on the bike course.
2. Milton Triathlon: Panic in the water in my 1st ever Tri – felt like my heart was going to explode
1. Duathlon Worlds: Watching the third guy in my category pass me on the final 5km run, knowing that any chance of a podium was over.

Top Ten

10. Peterborough half-iron: Finishing a swim without panicking.
9. Bike the Bruce: Acting as a lead out man for Ian that put him into a situation to win, which he did.
8. Gravenhurst Duathlon Provincials: Holding of David Frake by seconds to capture the title (David later beat me by almost 4 minutes at the Worlds).
7. Toronto Island Triathlon: Looking at the results board to see that I had won my first Triathlon
6. Duathlon Worlds: Wearing team Canada colours for the 1st time.
5. 70.3 World Championships: Finishing with the 4th fastest bike split amongst amateurs in a race soiled by drafting. Event atmosphere was top rate.
4. Good Friday RR: Getting into a break-away and grabbing second place in the race.
3. Niagara RR: Winning my first RR with a final push up the hill
2. Ontario Provincial RR: Winning the race in a solo break over the last 2 laps.
1. Muskoka 70.3: getting to the run turn around and then realizing that I had built up over 1km lead in my category; finishing as the top amateur in the race. The race atmosphere was amazing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 MultiSport Goals Revisited

2009 MultiSport Goals Revisited

On Nov 12th, 2008 I sent Bryce Croll the president of the UofT triathlon Club a list of goals as part of the process of requesting a Triathlon Mentor in the mentorship program. Bryce assigned Paul Bregin to be my mentor and he did a great job sharing his experiences with me; a Triathlon newbie. I commend the UofT club on this mentorship program and have signed up to be a mentor in 2010.
Now that the season is over, it is a perfect time to reflect back on my 2009 goals as I work on setting my 2010 goals. In general I feel that I was making some big guesses in setting my goals as I had never competed in a Triathlon. In hindsight my goals do seem overly ambitious. In looking back on 2009, I was impressed with the level of competitors in the two world championships that I competed in this year (Duathlon and 70.3).

I did not include any cycling goals in this as they did not apply to my application for a mentor; for 2010 I will definitely include cycling goals.

Short Term Goals:
1: Finish acquiring the parts & building my TT bike
Status: Accomplished
Notes: Easy goal and fun
2: Continue to focus on improvement in swim and running
Status: Accomplished / Ongoing
Notes: My run times improved throughout the year as did my swim times. At some point I am going to start having diminishing returns based on age, but I prefer not to think about that, after all this blog is called midlife and denial is certainly a part of the midlife crisis
3: Be able to run a 5km at a 3:25/km pace (My last race in Sept I ran the 1st 10km at a 3:36/km pace)
Status: Close but no Cigar
Notes: My best time was 3:28/km pace in the Cobourg triathlon where the swim was substituted with a 5km my time was 17:18
4: Be able to swim a 750meters at a 1:30 pace (by May 2009)
Status: Not even close
Notes: What an ambitious goal set just 6 weeks after I started swim workouts. I got down to 1:36/100m by the end of the season for 1.9km, but have a difficult time obtaining that time in a pool
5a: Obtain Elite status as a Duathlete
Status: Accomplished
Notes: I applied and the OAT granted me the status
5b: If I do not gain Elite DU status - Win my age group at the Phx Desert Classic DU Feb 22nd
Status: Accomplished in a way
Notes: I competed in the elite wave and finished last but my time was good faster that the top competitor in my age group
5c: If I do gain Elite status - post a top 3 bike split and finish no worse that to 60% of competitor in the Desert Classic DU
Status: Failed
Notes: I had the 17th fastest bike split and finished 12th out of 12 amongst pros

Year Long Goals:
1: Qualify for the 2010 Worlds in Duathlon Elite division
Status: Abandoned
Notes: I qualified for the elite Duathlon Worlds but have decided not to enter, I am not close to being competitive at the elite DU level.
2: Qualify for 2010 Worlds in Age Group for Olympic Distance triathlon
Status: Accomplished
Notes: I won my age group at the provincials in Cobourg
3: Finish top 3 in the 2009 Worlds DU championship in September in NC
Status: Failed
Notes: I finished 10th and was impressed at the level of competition
4: Be the 1st to cross the finish line in at least 1 local race (impossible as a Duathlete as we always start later)
Status: Accomplished
Notes: Ironically it was in a duathlon, the provincial championships in Gravenhurst
5: Finish in the top 20 overall at Muskoka 70.3
Status: Accomplished
Notes: I finished 16th and was the top amateur
6: Finish in the top 5 in Victoria's DU
Status: Accomplished
Notes: I finished 3rd

Multi-Year Goal:
1: Continue to Qualify and compete in Worlds with top 3 finishes
Notes: Wow that was ambitious I will need to adjust downwards for 2010
2: Become a Top level Triathlete - Run splits down to 32-34 minute 10km
Notes: Absolutely insane goal, not sure how I am going to get there. I ran 35:46 at the DU worlds and it just about killed me.
3: Stay with lead groups out of the swims
Notes: First I have to catch up to them before I try to stay with them. Long way to go on this one

Dream Goal (Hey why not dream): Defy Mother Nature and be a 43 year old member of Team Canada - triathlon at the 2012 Olympics
Notes: Yes I was still basking in the glow of Simon’s silver in the 2008 Olympics. I might as well include my goal of competing in the Tour De France. These dream goals have no basis in reality.